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Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download
HDS721612PLA380 P23OABEA 7216PLA PVF004Z42YTAVN 2016-07-13 0.2 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OAB3A 7216PLA PVE301ZHR21J9M 2016-07-13 0.42 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OABBA 7216PLA PVFC44ZHRBRMTB 2016-07-13 0.18 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OABDA 7216PLA PVFC04ZFSXMTLE 2016-07-13 0.24 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OABEA 7216PLA PVF904Z22WZEEN 2016-07-13 0.16 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OABEA 7216PLA PVF904Z237EEAN 2016-07-13 0.37 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OABEA 7216PLA PVF904ZHTPZP1N 2016-07-13 0.31 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OABEA 7216PLA PVG904Z9T231UV 2016-07-13 0.54 MB
HDS721616PLAT80 P22OA8BA 7216PLA PV6904Z23H7TEN 2016-07-13 0.24 MB
HDS721616PLAT80 P22OA8BA 7216PLA PV6904Z23KKU3N 2016-07-13 0.53 MB
HDS721680PLA380 P21OABBA 7216PLA PVD141Z7UWEP1K 2016-07-13 0.38 MB
HDS721680PLA380 P21OABEA 7216PLA PVG704Z129WP5V 2017-10-23 0.41 MB
HDS721680PLA380 P21OABEA 7216PLA PVG804Z32RU00V 2016-07-13 0.35 MB
HDS721680PLAT80 P21OA8BA 7216PLA PV5201ZERWRBXM 2016-07-13 0.13 MB
HDS721680PLA380 P21OA70A 7216PLA PVB100Z1RJ8DYF 2016-07-16 0.41 MB
HDS721616PLAT80 P22OA8BA 7216PLA PV7904ZF0GPGZV 2016-07-20 0.34 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OABEA 7216PLA PVF904ZF065ABN 2016-10-09 0.2 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OABEA 7216PLA PVF904Z23SABPN 2017-03-22 0 MB
HDS721680PLA380 P21OABDA 7216PLA PVE101Z7TYMDZU 2017-10-23 0.57 MB
HDS721680PLA320 P21OABGA 7216PLA PVF704ZDTE36JN 2017-11-14 0.32 MB
HDS721680PLA380 P21OABHA 7216PLA PVFB04ZLUL123E 2017-11-14 0.18 MB
HDS721616PLA380 P22OABEA 7216PLA PVG974ZH12DJ9V 2018-01-08 0.24 MB
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