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Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download
HM060HC YJ100 M60S S09XJ10LB22527 2016-07-13 0.51 MB
HM080IC YK100 M60S S0ASJ10L418128 2016-07-20 0.43 MB
HM100JC YN100 M60S S0CFJ10L701612 2016-07-20 0.44 MB
HM100JI YH100 M60S S0EDJ10LA08271 2016-07-13 0.4 MB
HM120JC YL100 M60S S0A0JD0P500235 2016-07-13 0.43 MB
HM120JC YL100 M60S S0A0JD0P505868 2016-07-13 0.22 MB
HM120JI YF100 M60S S0YPJ20P572622 2016-07-20 0 MB
HM120JI YF100 M60S S09GJ20LB11437 2016-07-13 0.65 MB
HM120JI YF100 M60S S09GJ20LC14242 2016-07-13 0 MB
HM120JI YF100 M60S S0UWJD0P302456 2017-10-24 0.21 MB
HM060HI YD100 M60S S0BNJ20LA22202 2017-10-24 0.2 MB
HM120JC YL100 M60S S0A0J10L208974 2017-11-14 0.63 MB
HM060HC YJ100 M60S S09XJ10L806831 2018-03-11 0.2 MB
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