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Western Digital/Eclipse
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download
WD400BB-23DEA0 05.FF E Eclipse WMAD1J505567 2016-07-19 N/A (0,1) 1.41 MB WD400BB-23DEA0-05.FF
WD400BB-23DEA0 05.FF E Eclipse WMAD1D285169 2016-07-19 N/A (0,1) 1.43 MB WD400BB-23DEA0-05.FF
WD400BB-23DEA0 05.FF E Eclipse WMAD1J800450 2016-07-19 N/A (0,1) 0.44 MB WD400BB-23DEA0-05.FF
WD400BB-00DEA0 05.F7 E Eclipse WCAD13431047 2016-07-19 N/A (N/A) 2.54 MB WD400BB-00DEA0-05.F7
WD400BB-00DGA0 05.F7 E Eclipse WMADK1450638 2016-07-19 N/A (N/A) 1.17 MB WD400BB-00DGA0-05.F7
WD400BB-00DEA0 05.48 E Eclipse WCAD12513370 2016-07-19 N/A (N/A) 0.51 MB WD400BB-00DEA0-05.48
WD400BB-23DEA0 05.48 E Eclipse WMAD1J800450 2016-07-19 N/A (N/A) 0.52 MB WD400BB-23DEA0-05.48
WD400BB-23DEA0 05.FF E Eclipse WMAD1D825736 2017-02-14 N/A (0,1) 0 MB WD400BB-23DEA0-05.FF
WD400JB-00ENA0 05.FA E Eclipse WMAD14962828 2017-11-14 N/A (N/A) 1.46 MB WD400JB-00ENA0-05.FA
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