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Hitachi / 5425K9S
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
HTS542512K9SA00 BB2AC3GP 5425K9S 071202BB0210WB 2018-07-11 226.68 KB
HTS542512K9SA00 BB2AC3GP 5425K9S 080530BB2210WB 2018-07-11 293.07 KB
HTS542512K9SA00 BB2OC32P 5425K9S 080207BB0200WB 2018-07-11 521.18 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCAC3GP 5425K9S 071110BB0C10WG 2018-07-11 239.88 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCOC31P 5425K9S 071024BB0300WC 2018-07-11 543.39 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCOC32P 5425K9S 080212BB0C00WG 2018-07-11 191.21 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCOC33P 5425K9S 080904BB6300HC 2018-07-11 545.58 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC31P 5425K9S 080612BB6F00WD 2018-07-11 271.65 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC32P 5425K9S 071012BB0F00WD 2018-07-11 294.56 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC32P 5425K9S 071103BB0F00WD 2018-07-11 532.78 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC32P 5425K9S 080401BB3F00WD 2018-07-11 292.33 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC33P 5425K9S 080615BB6F00WD 2018-07-11 125.26 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC33P 5425K9S 080819BB6F00WD 2018-07-11 277.7 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC3BP 5425K9S 080327BB0F00WD 2018-07-11 286.21 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC31P 5425K9S 080718BB0F20WD 2018-07-12 189.46 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC33P 5425K9S 080808BB6F00WD 2018-07-12 200.36 KB
HTS542512K9SA00 BB2OC31P 5425K9S 080122BB0200WB 2020-07-09 185.89 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFAC3GP 5425K9S 080910BB2F10WD 2020-07-09 219.19 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC31P 5425K9S 080712BB6F00WD 2020-07-09 208.34 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC32P 5425K9S 080406BB0F00WD 2020-07-09 191.82 KB
HTS542512K9SA00 BB2OC32P 5425K9S 080407BB3200WB 2021-07-13 188.5 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC33P 5425K9S 080922BB6F00WD 2021-07-19 222.9 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC31P 5425K9S 080216BB2F00WD 2021-07-19 193.28 KB
HTS542512K9SA00 BB2OC31P 5425K9S 080319BB6200WB 2021-07-19 307.5 KB
HTS542512K9SA00 BB2OC32P 5425K9S 080127BB0200WB 2021-07-19 313.65 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCAC3GP 5425K9S 071017BB0310WC 2021-07-19 194.25 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCOC31P 5425K9S 071114BB0C00WG 2021-07-19 323.54 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCOC31P 5425K9S 071124BB0300WC 2021-07-19 234.31 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCOC32P 5425K9S 071212BB0300WC 2021-07-19 209.55 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCOC32P 5425K9S 080121BB0C00WG 2021-07-19 192.4 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCOC33P 5425K9S 080219BB0C00WG 2021-07-19 567.02 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC31P 5425K9S 070824BB0F00WD 2021-07-19 277 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC33P 5425K9S 070822BB0F00WD 2021-07-19 544.83 KB
HTS542580K9SA00 BBBAC3GP 5425K9S 071030BB0B10WF 2021-07-19 306.44 KB
HTS542580K9SA00 BBBOC31P 5425K9S 070911BB0B00WF 2021-07-19 323.58 KB
HTS542580K9SA00 BBBOC39P 5425K9S 080227BB0B00WF 2021-07-19 314.22 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC31P 5425K9S 080328BB3F00WD 2021-12-31 195.87 KB
HTS542512K9SA00 BB2OC31P 5425K9S 071025BB0200WB 2022-04-01 186.32 KB
HTS542516K9SA00 BBCOC31P 5425K9S 080409BB6C00QG 2022-04-01 189 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC32P 5425K9S 071227BB0F00WD 2022-05-07 211.78 KB
HTS542525K9SA00 BBFOC33P 5425K9S 080827BB6F00WD 2022-05-07 200.52 KB
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