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Hitachi / 5432L9S
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
HTS543212L9SA02 FBBAC52F 5432L9S 081222FB1B00LG 2018-07-11 447.12 KB
HTS543216L9SA00 FB2OC43C 5432L9S 090214FB2206VC 2018-07-11 225.53 KB
HTS543216L9SA02 FB2AC52F 5432L9S 090413FBE200LC 2018-07-11 359.39 KB
HTS543216L9SA02 FB2AC52F 5432L9S 090505FBE200VC 2018-07-11 262.67 KB
HTS543225L9SA00 FBEOC43C 5432L9S 090317FB2F00YL 2018-07-11 590.81 KB
HTS543225L9SA00 FBEOC43C 5432L9S 090528FB2E06LK 2018-07-11 238.63 KB
HTS543225L9SA02 FBEAC50F 5432L9S 081024FB1F00LL 2018-07-11 286.5 KB
HTS543216L9SA00 FB2OC40C 5432L9S 090630FB22015C 2020-07-09 39.36 KB
HTS543216L9SA02 FB2AC52F 5432L9S 090722FBE200VC 2020-07-09 203.82 KB
HTS543216L9SA02 FB2AC52F 5432L9S 100112FBE200VC 2021-07-13 334.59 KB
HTS543225L9SA00 FBEOC40C 5432L9S 080811FB0D20LJ 2021-07-13 210.4 KB
HTS543216L9SA00 FB2OC40C 5432L9S 090628FB22015C 2021-07-19 469.17 KB
HTS543232L9SA00 FB4OC43C 5432L9S 080911FB0403LP 2021-07-19 541.98 KB
HTS543232L9SA00 FB4OC43C 5432L9S 090710FB2400LE 2021-07-19 207.56 KB
HTS543225L9SA00 FBEOC43C 5432L9S 081206FB2F00LL 2021-07-19 356.95 KB
HTS543232L9SA00 FB4OC43C 5432L9S 080902FB0400LE 2021-07-19 376.41 KB
HTS543212L9SA02 FBBAC52F 5432L9S 090219FBEB00LG 2021-07-19 337.58 KB
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