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Hitachi / 5C10CLA
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
HDS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3HB 5C10CLA JC0950HX0MHXHH 2018-07-11 558.52 KB
HDS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3HB 5C10CLA JC0950HX0PUVHH 2018-07-11 360.96 KB
HDS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3HB 5C10CLA JC0950HX0SLJ8H 2018-07-11 735.48 KB
HDS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3HB 5C10CLA JC0930HX0P1BNH 2018-07-11 549.73 KB
HCS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3EA 5C10CLA JC0950HX0H0BLH 2018-07-11 536.38 KB
HDS5C1032CLA382 JCFOA50E 5C10CLA JC0450HV1DN5KH 2018-07-11 375.34 KB
HCS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3EA 5C10CLA JC0950HX0A26XH 2018-07-11 470.89 KB
HDS5C1032CLA382 JCFOA50E 5C10CLA JC0450HV1YTZDH 2018-07-11 687.27 KB
HCS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3EA 5C10CLA JC0950HX10GG1H 2018-07-12 613.12 KB
HCS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3EA 5C10CLA JC0950HX07MM0H 2018-07-12 1.04 MB
HCS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3EA 5C10CLA JC0950HX09378H 2019-01-27 1 MB
HCS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3EA 5C10CLA JC0950HX0ZMVKH 2019-03-05 534.83 KB
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