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Hitachi / 7210DLE
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5N0 7210DLE MSK5215H01B0UG 2018-07-11 558.53 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5Q0 7210DLE MSK5235H0HD2WG 2018-07-11 789.03 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5235V0KV52U 2018-07-11 836.59 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5235V0KVZNU 2018-07-11 792.24 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5235V0PEUNU 2018-07-11 2.39 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5235V0V9LXU 2018-07-11 1.76 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5215H0H9TVG 2018-07-11 1017.61 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5215H0KE0EG 2018-07-11 745.05 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5235H0GAKNG 2018-07-11 675.5 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5235H0JVVHG 2018-07-11 815.04 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5235H0K4P5H 2018-07-11 833.81 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5235H0KTT1G 2018-07-11 957.42 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5235H0L1E0H 2018-07-11 763.33 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5235H14DPBG 2018-07-11 550.91 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA600 7210DLE MSE5215V1GANPU 2018-07-11 710.97 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA600 7210DLE MSE5235V241M5U 2018-07-11 417.21 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA600 7210DLE MSK5235H1JUN1G 2018-07-11 787.6 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA600 7210DLE MSK5235H255HGG 2018-07-11 1.63 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK5235H390TBG 2018-07-11 1.34 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK5235H3DNXGG 2018-07-11 588.24 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA650 7210DLE MSK523Y20T8HZF 2018-07-11 547.67 KB
HDS721050DLE630 MS1OA610 7210DLE MSKE215H3WL41G 2018-07-11 524.47 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5235V0UTSNU 2018-07-11 764.68 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5235H0GAK0G 2018-07-11 585.51 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5Q0 7210DLE MSK5215H033KGG 2018-07-11 1.66 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5235H0L0H4H 2018-07-11 1.66 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5215H0JVW6G 2018-07-11 1.95 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA650 7210DLE MSK523Y20SM91F 2018-07-11 399.36 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5235H0K4MHH 2018-07-11 679.01 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5235V0V5A0U 2018-07-11 1.66 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK523Y204V3EB 2018-07-11 773.45 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK5235H31S02G 2018-07-11 1.28 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSE5235V36NYAU 2018-07-12 588.14 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK5235H30MUTG 2018-07-12 1.1 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK5235H313DNG 2018-07-12 1.1 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSE5235V2TZARU 2018-07-12 1.11 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK5235H31S8AG 2018-07-12 1.13 MB
HDS721050DLE630 MS1OA610 7210DLE MSK4235H2WSNWH 2018-07-12 1.1 MB
HDS721050DLE630 MS1OA600 7210DLE MSK4215H1URX1G 2018-07-12 738.94 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5215H1D0WBG 2018-07-12 733.03 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5235V0XMK6E 2018-07-12 1.65 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK523Y209SJJB 2018-07-12 1.73 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK5235H32T4DG 2018-07-12 764.68 KB
HDS721050DLE630 MS1OA610 7210DLE MSKE235H2ETRBG 2018-07-12 755.41 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA650 7210DLE MSK523Y211ANTF 2018-07-12 1.34 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK523Y205AZGB 2018-08-23 1.3 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5N0 7210DLE MSK5215H00VXPG 2018-09-30 708.83 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5215H1B38ZG 2018-10-21 831.25 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA650 7210DLE MSK523Y21340GF 2018-10-21 880.35 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA600 7210DLE MSE5215V1SGZ4W 2019-03-05 1.51 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5N0 7210DLE MSK5215H01BE6G 2020-07-09 718.72 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5215V1XK10U 2020-07-09 528.45 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5215H0JBDEH 2020-07-09 744.16 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA600 7210DLE MSK5215H1T90HG 2020-07-09 699.46 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSE5235V3ZPPEU 2020-07-09 527.25 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSE523RP04PU4H 2021-07-13 766.63 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSK523Y2008T1B 2021-07-13 757.37 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5215V20EVRU 2021-07-13 588.01 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA610 7210DLE MSE523RP05MPAH 2021-07-13 533.65 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5215V0SB7HL 2021-07-19 1.49 MB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSK5215H0GV0SH 2021-07-19 763.75 KB
HDS721050DLE630 MS1OA600 7210DLE MSEE235V0R0NEW 2021-12-31 523.52 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5R0 7210DLE MSE5215V1VG1JU 2021-12-31 739.81 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA5N0 7210DLE MSK5215H01NYNG 2022-04-01 754.33 KB
HDS721010DLE630 MS2OA600 7210DLE MSE5235V2488AU 2022-04-01 556.69 KB
HDS721050DLE630 MS1OA610 7210DLE MSEE23RP006NMH 2022-04-01 563.47 KB
HDS721050DLE630 MS1OA650 7210DLE MSK423Y213STGC 2022-05-07 757.58 KB
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