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Hitachi / 7220ALA
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA20N 7220ALA JK1121YAG5Z34S 2018-07-11 506.01 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA20N 7220ALA JK1171YAGJ97RN 2018-07-11 401.41 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA20N 7220ALA JK1171YAGJELGN 2018-07-11 414.04 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA28A 7220ALA JK1100YAJ1PPVT 2018-07-11 440.25 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3EA 7220ALA JK1101YBJRHL0F 2018-07-11 459.02 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3EA 7220ALA JK1175YAJHA03X 2018-07-11 547.9 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3EA 7220ALA JK11A8B9GLASHF 2018-07-11 379.51 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3EA 7220ALA JK11A8B9GNSPWF 2018-07-11 515.22 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3EA 7220ALA JK11A8B9GP0DGF 2018-07-11 344.98 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3GB 7220ALA JK11B1B9JYUMJF 2018-07-11 442.83 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3MA 7220ALA JK1161YAGMBELV 2018-07-11 508.52 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3EA 7220ALA JK1174YAKYHYYW 2018-07-11 1.05 MB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3MA 7220ALA JK1101B9HH270F 2018-07-11 1.01 MB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3MA 7220ALA JK1101B9HH2UWF 2018-07-11 1.04 MB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA28A 7220ALA JK1130YAHE1EYT 2018-07-11 1.12 MB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA28A 7220ALA JK1130YAHE64ZT 2018-07-11 495.64 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA20N 7220ALA JK1171YAGDMTTS 2018-07-12 508.25 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3MA 7220ALA JK11A8B9J08GJF 2018-07-12 526.99 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA10D 7220ALA JK1121YAG5J5AS 2018-07-29 5.95 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA20N 7220ALA JK1130YAGZ22PT 2019-01-27 893.76 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA3MA 7220ALA JK11A4B8J25V8W 2019-01-27 504.81 KB
HDS722020ALA330 JKAOA10D 7220ALA JK1121YAG5J5AS 2019-04-09 463.13 KB
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