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Hitachi / 7250A9A
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OC72E 7250A9A 100115PC6J00VQ 2018-07-11 286.59 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OC72E 7250A9A 100413PCKC04VP 2018-07-11 333.51 KB
HTS725032A9A365 PC3OCC0E 7250A9A 110112PCKC30BP 2018-07-11 234.43 KB
HTS725040A9A360 PCDOC70D 7250A9A 090916PC4D00VQ 2018-07-11 514.94 KB
HTS725050A9A362 PC4ACB1E 7250A9A 100904PCG420VL 2018-07-11 344.51 KB
HTS725050A9A362 PC4ACB1E 7250A9A 100923PCG420VL 2018-07-11 454.79 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC70E 7250A9A 091102PCE400VL 2018-07-11 401.29 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC70E 7250A9A 100426PCK400VL 2018-07-11 297.72 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC70E 7250A9A 100727PCK404VL 2018-07-11 669.71 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC70E 7250A9A 110619PCJ400GL 2018-07-11 36.52 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100317PCK400VL 2018-07-11 335.43 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100531PCK404VL 2018-07-11 254.31 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100818PCK404VL 2018-07-11 459.06 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCA0B 7250A9A 100514PCK400VL 2018-07-11 721.91 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 100831PCK404VL 2018-07-11 816.58 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110227PCK404GL 2018-07-11 328.57 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110422PCK404GL 2018-07-11 436.6 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 111027PCK404GL 2018-07-11 640.3 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OCH0A 7250A9A 101102PCK330GK 2018-07-12 247.92 KB
HTS725025A9A364 PC2OC72E 7250A9A 100424PCK200VJ 2018-07-29 251.25 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OC71E 7250A9A 110508PCJ400GL 2018-07-29 343.53 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OC70X 7250A9A 110430PCJ400GL 2018-10-01 282.26 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 101118PCK404VL 2018-10-01 251.33 KB
HTS725050A9A362 PC4ACB0F 7250A9A 110514PCG420GL 2018-11-13 248.28 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110504PCG420GL 2018-12-09 477.37 KB
HTS725050A9A362 PC4ACB1E 7250A9A 100919PCG420VL 2019-01-27 125.97 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110504PCG420GL 2019-04-09 478.58 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OC71E 7250A9A 110508PCJ400GL 2019-04-09 623.2 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110504PCG420GL 2019-04-09 401.13 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110504PCG420GL 2019-04-09 5 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OC72E 7250A9A 100819PCK300GK 2020-07-09 38.67 KB
HTS725032A9A360 PC3OC71E 7250A9A 100712PCJC00VP 2020-07-09 48.07 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OC72E 7250A9A 100226PCE300VK 2020-07-09 38.8 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100604PCK404VL 2020-07-09 254.37 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 101208PCK404GL 2020-07-09 251.01 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100506PCE404VL 2021-07-12 253.27 KB
HTS725032A9A360 PC3OC71E 7250A9A 100830PCJC00BP 2021-07-12 9.68 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC70E 7250A9A 120311PCG420VL 2021-07-13 257.74 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100311PCK400VL 2021-07-13 244.24 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100822PCK404VL 2021-07-19 248.94 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 101221PCK404GL 2021-07-19 244.75 KB
HTS725016A9A362 PCBOC70E 7250A9A 100330PCLB00VN 2021-07-19 487.86 KB
HTS725032A9A360 PC3OC71E 7250A9A 100907PCJ300GK 2021-07-19 250.14 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100510PCK400VL 2021-07-19 248.92 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OC70E 7250A9A 091212PC6J00VQ 2021-07-19 383.07 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC70E 7250A9A 110816PCK404GL 2021-07-19 632.44 KB
HTE725050A9A364 PC4OC70E 7250A9A 110910PCK404GL 2021-07-19 241.67 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110504PCG420GL 2021-07-19 140.03 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110625PCK404GL 2021-07-19 358.12 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OC71E 7250A9A 100115PCJ400VL 2021-07-19 328.05 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110123PCK404GL 2021-07-19 550.1 KB
HTS725016A9A364 PCBOC72E 7250A9A 100701PCKB04VN 2021-07-19 237.71 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OC72E 7250A9A 100121PCKC00VP 2021-07-19 354.46 KB
HTS725050A9A362 PC4ACB1E 7250A9A 100526PCG420VL 2021-07-19 244.41 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OCH0A 7250A9A 100831PCKC04BP 2021-07-19 324.57 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100421PCK404VL 2021-07-19 417.9 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100824PCK404VL 2021-07-19 47.35 KB
HTS725050A9A362 PC4ACB0F 7250A9A 110519PCG420GL 2021-07-19 260.21 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 101124PCK404VL 2021-07-19 250.47 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100420PCK404VL 2021-07-19 481.78 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OC72E 7250A9A 100614PCKC04VP 2021-07-19 423.95 KB
HTS725016A9A364 PCBOC72E 7250A9A 100204PCKB04VN 2021-07-19 237.39 KB
HTS725025A9A364 PC2OC72E 7250A9A 100610PCK200VJ 2021-07-19 250.7 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OC71E 7250A9A 110507PCJ400GL 2021-07-19 253.9 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC70E 7250A9A 091203PC6400VL 2021-07-19 272.13 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OCH0A 7250A9A 110504PCG420GL 2021-07-19 9.3 KB
HTS725032A9A360 PC3OC71E 7250A9A 101227PCJC00BP 2021-07-19 258.78 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OC70E 7250A9A 091124PC6C00VP 2021-07-19 385.36 KB
HTS725032A9A364 PC3OCH0A 7250A9A 101015PCKC04BP 2021-07-19 643.63 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100512PCK404VL 2022-01-11 246.16 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100224PCK400VL 2022-04-01 248.03 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OC72E 7250A9A 100807PCK404VL 2022-04-08 384.9 KB
HTS725050A9A360 PC4OC71E 7250A9A 110507PCJ400GL 2022-05-27 240.72 KB
HTS725050A9A364 PC4OCA0B 7250A9A 100514PCK400VL 2022-05-27 707.55 KB
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