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Hitachi / 7275A9E
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
HDD JF4AD0M0 7275A9E J3640084GHML0E 2018-07-11 1.63 MB
HDD JF4AD0N0 7275A9E J3640084GZBY8E 2018-07-11 2.83 MB
HDD JF4AD0N0 7275A9E J3640084JBRAJR 2018-07-11 1.6 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0D0 7275A9E J3320082GKS52A 2018-07-11 1.35 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0D0 7275A9E J3350080GR80SD 2018-07-11 1.34 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0D0 7275A9E J3350080HDGDJC 2018-07-11 1.34 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3300080G3T0EA 2018-07-11 1.57 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3310081H0BKJA 2018-07-11 1.09 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3350080G1WJNC 2018-07-11 2.48 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA140 7275A9E J3350080G6R1PD 2018-07-11 1.6 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3ZD0H0 7275A9E J3300080GB61HB 2018-07-11 1.56 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3ZD0H0 7275A9E J3300080GJ0B7A 2018-07-11 1.39 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3790084G5XSGG 2018-07-11 1.38 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3150080G846RC 2018-07-11 1.51 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4ZD0H0 7275A9E J3740084H3A8SE 2018-07-11 1.56 MB
HDD JF4AD0N0 7275A9E J3640084J3MSLR 2018-07-11 879.95 KB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3310081H0BR1A 2018-07-11 2.49 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4ZD0H0 7275A9E J3740084H478GE 2018-07-11 969.63 KB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJMDUE 2018-07-11 3.79 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0D0 7275A9E J33Q0084G1BZ9C 2018-07-12 960.81 KB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4O0D06 7275A9E J3740084GXVW1E 2018-07-12 863.41 KB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3310081G0Y2TA 2018-07-12 2.74 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3310081H45GKA 2018-07-12 1015.37 KB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJLDWE 2018-07-12 867.56 KB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJLN5E 2018-07-12 844.83 KB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJMAYE 2018-07-12 823.43 KB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJMDBE 2018-07-12 803.63 KB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJMBUE 2018-07-12 1.39 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJMD0E 2018-07-12 1.45 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJMDHE 2018-07-12 2.84 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJMDSE 2018-07-12 1.36 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3710081GYZR9E 2018-07-12 1 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4ZD0H0 7275A9E J3740084H3NL7E 2018-07-12 865.91 KB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0D0 7275A9E J3360081G2MKBC 2018-07-12 1 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA200 7275A9E J3740084J25S4E 2018-07-29 1.59 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3310081G4HVVB 2018-10-01 1.46 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3370082G4G04D 2018-10-21 1.53 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JFCOA110 7275A9E J3310081H457MA 2018-10-21 1.44 MB
HDD JF4AD0N0 7275A9E J3640084HSX8NE 2019-01-27 2.29 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA100 7275A9E J3740084GH19WE 2019-01-27 870.92 KB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3300080H06S9B 2019-03-05 1009.34 KB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4O2008 7275A9E J3740084J25S4E 2019-04-09 956 B
HDD JF4AD0N0 7275A9E J3640084H09TRE 2020-07-09 1018.2 KB
HDD JF4AD0N0 7275A9E J3640084HP97WE 2020-07-09 1.17 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3310081H28ZAB 2020-07-09 1.05 MB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA200 7275A9E J3320082GT6T5A 2020-07-09 893.99 KB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0D0 7275A9E J3350080HDG6XC 2021-07-13 958.24 KB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3OA0E0 7275A9E J3350080G3P3YC 2021-07-13 1.01 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HKZ4WE 2021-07-13 1.44 MB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4ZD0H0 7275A9E J3740084H924AE 2021-07-13 985.36 KB
HTS727575A9E364 JF4OA0D0 7275A9E J3740084HJMBZE 2021-07-19 2.18 MB
HDD JF4AD0N0 7275A9E J3640084H10TGE 2022-04-01 814.35 KB
HTS727550A9E364 JF3ZD0H0 7275A9E J3300080H34N2A 2022-05-27 977.3 KB
HTS727550A9E364 JFCOA110 7275A9E J3310081H0GL3A 2022-06-17 6.18 KB
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