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Samsung / Palo
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
SP1604N TM100 Palo S013J10X560663 2018-07-11 331.19 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo 0637J2FW735420 2018-07-11 334.06 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo 0637J1FWA72988 2018-07-11 701.12 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo 0733J1FWC37455 2018-07-11 1.4 MB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ10X760322 2018-07-11 1.29 MB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ20X140983 2018-07-11 4.05 MB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ30X183013 2018-07-11 351.81 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ40X204827 2018-07-11 4.58 MB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ40X578060 2018-07-11 443.79 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ50XB07605 2018-07-11 4.2 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ60Y605977 2018-07-11 264.54 KB
SP0802N TK200 Palo 0891J1FX886414 2018-07-11 361.32 KB
SP0802N TK200 Palo S00JJ10X714992 2018-07-11 365.69 KB
SP0802N TK200 Palo S00JJ40X760679 2018-07-11 407.75 KB
SP0802N TK200 Palo S00JJRSL407592 2018-07-11 1.09 MB
SP0802N TK300 Palo S00JJ10A197032 2018-07-11 174.01 KB
SP0802N TU100 Palo 0737J1FW910459 2018-07-11 1.05 MB
SP0812C SU100 Palo 0693J1FWA03321 2018-07-11 1.24 MB
SP0812C SU100 Palo 0886J1FX403315 2018-07-11 1.65 MB
SP0812C SU100 Palo S01UJ10Y674895 2018-07-11 1.48 MB
SP0812N TK100 Palo S00MJ10X203524 2018-07-11 2.35 MB
SP0812N TK100 Palo S00MJ10Y524405 2018-07-11 947.99 KB
SP0812N TK100 Palo S00MJ1TL401299 2018-07-11 730.48 KB
SP1203N TL100 Palo S00QJ10X432064 2018-07-11 253.18 KB
SP1203N TL100 Palo S00QJ10X452488 2018-07-11 386.5 KB
SP1203N TL100 Palo S00QJ10X530886 2018-07-11 1.18 MB
SP1213C SV100 Palo S02AJ10Y315045 2018-07-11 535.24 KB
SP1213N TL100 Palo 00000000000000 2018-07-11 2.42 MB
SP1213N TL100 Palo 0777J1FWB00076 2018-07-11 425.32 KB
SP1213N TL100 Palo S00UJ10X918610 2018-07-11 659.33 KB
SP1604N TM100 Palo S0DNJ1TA100963 2018-07-11 1.53 MB
SP1604N TM100 Palo 0651JQSX500239 2018-07-11 11.62 KB
SP1604N 24 Palo S013J10XB19327 2018-07-11 338.57 KB
SP1604N TM100 Palo S013J1QY702171 2018-07-11 585.83 KB
SP1604N TM100 Palo S013J20XC57492 2018-07-11 357.98 KB
SP1614C SW100 Palo S01XJ10XC81785 2018-07-11 308.92 KB
SP1614C SW100 Palo S01XJ10X744558 2018-07-11 597.43 KB
SP1614C SW100 Palo S01XJ10XA49081 2018-07-11 303.75 KB
SP1614C SW100 Palo S01XJ10Y365178 2018-07-11 446.88 KB
SP1614N TM100 Palo 0787J1FWB09624 2018-07-11 1.48 MB
SP1614N TM100 Palo S016J10Y104641 2018-07-11 369.14 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ30X294397 2018-07-11 1.39 MB
SP1604N TM100 Palo S015J10Y406433 2018-07-11 358.55 KB
SP1203N TL100 Palo S00QJ10X639684 2018-07-12 352.63 KB
SP0812N TK100 Palo S00MJ10X704690 2018-07-12 474.52 KB
SP0802N TK200 Palo S00JJ30X621113 2018-07-12 285.74 KB
SP0812C SU100 Palo S01UJ10Y421086 2018-08-25 287.07 KB
SP1614C SW100 Palo 0915J1FX634151 2018-08-25 342.16 KB
SP0802N TK200 Palo S00JJ20X936341 2018-09-30 329.48 KB
SP0812C SU100 Palo S01UJ10Y121581 2022-02-04 280.05 KB
SP1213C SV100 Palo 0887J1FX310042 2022-02-04 282.64 KB
SP1604N TM100 Palo S013J10X217652 2022-02-04 1.81 KB
SP1614C SW100 Palo S01XJ10Y286297 2022-02-04 416.69 KB
SP1614C SW100 Palo S01XJ10X838234 2022-02-04 378.15 KB
SP1614N TM100 Palo S016J10XA18902 2022-02-04 350.89 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo 0637J3FW910261 2022-04-08 230.31 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ30X140520 2022-04-08 281.53 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ40X495266 2022-04-08 415.11 KB
SP1604N TM100 Palo 0651J1FW756128 2022-04-08 515.6 KB
SP1614N TM100 Palo S016J10XA26112 2022-04-08 547.48 KB
SP0802N TK100 Palo S00JJ20X140983 2022-05-27 2.55 MB
SP1604N TM100 Palo 00000000000000 2022-05-27 1.47 MB
SP1213C SV100 Palo S02AJ10Y229520 2023-06-16 308.28 KB
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