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Seagate / Desaru
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
ST9500423AS 0001DEM1 Desaru 5WR0876E 2018-07-11 2.5 MB
ST9500423AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WR29B9Y 2018-07-11 898.5 KB
ST9500423AS 0001SDM5 Desaru S2V0JXTG 2018-07-11 103.35 KB
ST9500423AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 5WR07Z0T 2018-07-11 2.49 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 5WS074V2 2018-07-11 2.84 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 5WS08C9R 2018-07-11 2.19 MB
ST9750420AS 0002DEM1 Desaru 5WS3AVP3 2018-07-11 3.37 MB
ST9750420AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 5WS1QSGH 2018-07-11 3.09 MB
ST9750420AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 5WS4KQGE 2018-07-11 515.57 KB
ST9750420AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 6WS02TNG 2018-07-11 2.64 MB
ST9750423AS 0001SDM1 Desaru 5WS4199M 2018-07-11 2.89 MB
ST9750420AS 0005DEM1 Desaru 6WS0W059 2018-07-12 910.45 KB
ST9500424AS 0001BSM1 Desaru 6WS0SEZW 2018-10-14 2.65 MB
ST9750420AS 0005DEM1 Desaru 5WS4ENB4 2018-10-21 4.04 MB
ST9750420AS 0002DEM1 Desaru 5WS3JN5L 2018-10-21 3.12 MB
ST9750420AS 0003DEM1 Desaru 6WS27YS9 2019-01-28 3.46 MB
ST9500423AS 0005DEM1 Desaru 5WR0KNHK 2019-03-05 3.9 MB
ST9750420AS 0002DEM1 Desaru 6WS0Q73D 2019-04-08 5.09 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SYM1 Desaru 5WS4272A 2019-06-25 3.87 MB
ST9750420AS 0002 Desaru 6WS0Q73D 2019-06-25 1.64 KB
ST9500423AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 5WR049CF 2021-07-14 2 MB
ST9500423AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 5WS1QL2E 2021-07-14 4.15 MB
ST9500423AS 0004HPM1 Desaru 6WR2GGVH 2021-07-14 3.28 MB
ST9500423AS 0004HPM1 Desaru S2V0D6H6 2021-07-14 3.3 MB
ST9500423AS 0004HPM1 Desaru S2V0EDYM 2021-07-14 2.3 MB
ST9500423AS 0005DEM1 Desaru S2V06FKP 2021-07-14 6.16 MB
ST9500424AS 0001BSM1 Desaru 5WR0XNMX 2021-07-14 2.8 MB
ST9500424AS 0001BSM1 Desaru 6WR1Y9WW 2021-07-14 3.34 MB
ST9750420AS 0001DEM1 Desaru 5WS1T989 2021-07-14 3.39 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WS1XJN3 2021-07-14 2.88 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WS22WM3 2021-07-14 4.71 MB
ST9750420AS 0002DEM1 Desaru 5WS3D6M1 2021-07-14 3.48 MB
ST9750420AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 6WS0G7BX 2021-07-14 3.21 MB
ST9750420AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 6WS0VSDW 2021-07-14 3.3 MB
ST9750420AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 6WS13T1X 2021-07-14 3.55 MB
ST9750422AS 0001BSM1 Desaru 5WS3650T 2021-07-14 2.35 MB
ST9750422AS 0001BSM1 Desaru 6WS23B68 2021-07-14 2.79 MB
ST9750423AS 0001SDM1 Desaru 6WS0NVFC 2021-07-14 2.92 MB
ST9500423AS 0002TSM1 Desaru 5WR07Q2V 2021-07-19 2.78 MB
ST9500423AS 0001DEM1 Desaru 5WR08CT7 2021-07-19 2.59 MB
ST9500423AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WR2EKMZ 2021-07-19 8.76 MB
ST9500423AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WR2QHCZ 2021-07-19 2.98 MB
ST9500423AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WR2SW0G 2021-07-19 3.24 MB
ST9500423AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WR2T4WJ 2021-07-19 8.2 MB
ST9500423AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WR2T9G9 2021-07-19 2.51 MB
ST9500423AS 0001SDM5 Desaru S2V0QYAW 2021-07-19 2.6 MB
ST9500423AS 0003DEM1 Desaru 6WR0V7F5 2021-07-19 1.37 MB
ST9500423AS 0003HPM1 Desaru 5WR1A72S 2021-07-19 2.56 MB
ST9500423AS 0003HPM1 Desaru 6WR07ZAF 2021-07-19 2.63 MB
ST9500423AS 0005DEM1 Desaru 5WS0C9M8 2021-07-19 2.45 MB
ST9500423AS 0005DEM1 Desaru 6WS2FSXN 2021-07-19 3.93 MB
ST9500424AS 0001 Desaru 6WR1Y9WW 2021-07-19 1.46 KB
ST9500424AS 0001BSM1 Desaru 6WR1S73Q 2021-07-19 1.75 MB
ST9750420AS 0001 Desaru 5WS05YD0 2021-07-19 876.65 KB
ST9750420AS 0001DEM1 Desaru 5WS1VJQA 2021-07-19 5.76 MB
ST9750420AS 0001DEM1 Desaru 5WS1Z2HH 2021-07-19 5.79 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SDM1 Desaru 5WS050AJ 2021-07-19 5.75 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 5WS2HNTT 2021-07-19 2.81 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WS2YHM8 2021-07-19 2.58 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SDM5 Desaru 6WS30E1H 2021-07-19 4.98 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SYM1 Desaru 5WS4272A 2021-07-19 6.7 MB
ST9750420AS 0001SYM1 Desaru 5WS4K1Q6 2021-07-19 2.63 MB
ST9750420AS 0002DEM1 Desaru 5WS3QBTS 2021-07-19 3.91 MB
ST9750420AS 0002DEM1 Desaru 5WS3QPRR 2021-07-19 5.04 MB
ST9750420AS 0002DEM1 Desaru 5WS3X5TB 2021-07-19 7.71 MB
ST9750420AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 5WS3KS5K 2021-07-19 1.89 MB
ST9750420AS 0004HPM1 Desaru 6WS1LRR8 2021-07-19 448.78 KB
ST9750420AS 0005DEM1 Desaru 6WS2EXHS 2021-07-19 3.32 MB
ST9750422AS 0001BSM1 Desaru 6WS0SAPT 2021-07-19 1.87 MB
ST9750422AS 0001BSM1 Desaru 6WS2X3AW 2021-07-19 2.58 MB
ST9500424AS 0001BSM1 Desaru 6WR00FDJ 2021-12-31 3.26 MB
ST9750423AS 0001SDM1 Desaru 6WS0BXJA 2021-12-31 3.52 MB
ST9500423AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 5WR05WEN 2022-01-11 2.64 MB
ST9750420AS 0002SDM1 Desaru 6WS1ZC4K 2022-04-01 3.18 MB
ST9500423AS 0001DEM1 Desaru 5WR08FC0 2022-05-27 3.29 MB
ST9750420AS 0001 Desaru 5WS2HNTT 2022-05-27 2.63 MB
ST9750420AS 0002 Desaru 6WS02TNG 2022-05-27 432.02 KB
ST9750420AS 0002DEM1 Desaru 5WS3EJT3 2022-06-17 3.5 MB
ST9500423AS 0001SDM5 Desaru S2V0M0A8 2022-10-11 2.32 MB
ST9500423AS 0004HPM1 Desaru S2V0D885 2022-10-28 3.32 MB
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