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Toshiba / 75GSX
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 52OCY7LXF 2018-07-11 6.29 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX 12RKF9L6S 2018-07-11 37.22 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX 92I5PB2AT 2018-07-11 37.6 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX 92IIT4HNT 2018-07-11 37.1 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX Y18HC48ET 2018-07-11 37.26 KB
MK6475GSX GT002D1 75GSX 221TT62GT 2018-07-11 37.12 KB
MK7575GSX GT001C7 75GSX 91O3P31XT 2018-07-11 36.18 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 42J2YGZHF 2018-07-11 41.54 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M9 75GSX 62UGFWGHS 2018-07-29 33.77 KB
MK3275GSX GT001U9 75GSX 52R4F3PES 2018-07-29 34 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M8 75GSX 32B5F4YFS 2018-07-29 37.86 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M8 75GSX 62G4YCEVF 2018-07-29 37.66 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M7 75GSX 9118F87SS 2018-08-23 40.06 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 52F8Y96OF 2018-09-30 37.05 KB
MK7575GSX GT001M8 75GSX 22HSC0UGT 2018-10-01 37.73 KB
MK7575GSX GT001U7 75GSX X17IC0EXT 2018-10-01 36.87 KB
MK3275GSX GT001U9 75GSX 42EEC0WPT 2018-10-21 68.92 KB
MK3275GSX GT001U9 75GSX 42TPT0C0T 2018-10-21 34.99 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M5 75GSX 51H8F0T8S 2018-10-21 45.43 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U6 75GSX 61FAF08WS 2018-10-21 37.29 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 23OHCUYMT 2018-10-21 55.02 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M8 75GSX 22KLFT3OS 2020-07-09 54.88 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M8 75GSX 82S7YUSQF 2020-07-09 55.31 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M9 75GSX 221LP5R8T 2020-07-09 39.58 KB
MK3275GSX GT001U8 75GSX Y1TGF08WS 2020-07-09 35.8 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M5 75GSX 51J3F0R1S 2020-07-09 42.75 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M8 75GSX 72BBYM31F 2020-07-09 56.18 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M8 75GSX Z1L8C7A2T 2020-07-09 38.58 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 72S1PCT3T 2020-07-09 38.85 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M5 75GSX 61F5F8PTS 2020-07-09 58.15 KB
MK3275GSX GT001U8 75GSX Y1B5S55VS 2021-07-13 53.64 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U7 75GSX 91JIB8SEB 2021-07-13 38.72 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 521CY194F 2021-07-13 37.73 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 52G1YVFCF 2021-07-13 39.29 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M7 75GSX 81PFC170T 2021-07-13 41.68 KB
MK6475GSX GT002D0 75GSX 61NAB59OB 2021-07-13 37.08 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M5 75GSX 616QT7B7T 2022-01-12 36.3 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M9 75GSX 221YC7HLT 2022-01-12 38.39 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M8 75GSX 12R7FQSLS 2022-01-12 39.01 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M5 75GSX 61A5C23CT 2022-01-12 40.65 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX 12GVTB7KT 2022-01-12 41.14 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX 127HFX05S 2022-01-12 39.02 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M8 75GSX 12P7FQKAS 2022-01-12 40.1 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M8 75GSX 221GSTQ7S 2022-01-12 22.86 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M8 75GSX Z14EFNL6S 2022-01-12 38.3 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX 92K2Y1TKF 2022-01-12 47.58 KB
MK7575GSX GT001M8 75GSX 22JOC6SLT 2022-01-12 57.46 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M8 75GSX 32RDT7A3T 2022-01-12 35.42 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 42M3YDSIF 2022-01-12 35.41 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX X2P2YVEGF 2022-01-12 35.04 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX Y28SCATMT 2022-01-12 34.04 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M7 75GSX 9127FLNTS 2022-01-12 38.07 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX 12D4C4JFT 2022-01-12 37.65 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX 32JCSISES 2022-01-12 47.28 KB
MK7575GSX GT001M8 75GSX Z1EST1I1T 2022-01-12 78.89 KB
MK7575GSX GT001U7 75GSX X13RD04NB 2022-01-12 20.52 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX X26DF5O0S 2022-01-12 41.54 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M5 75GSX 614DB0GFB 2022-01-12 36.93 KB
MK5075GSX GT001M5 75GSX 616IC0DVT 2022-01-12 39.3 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 72K3Y34KF 2022-01-12 38.35 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M5 75GSX 51KWT25PT 2022-01-12 32.49 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 92I7Y2KMF 2022-01-12 34.59 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M7 75GSX 911AFJTJS 2022-01-12 40.3 KB
MK3275GSX GT001U9 75GSX 52D9C3BDT 2022-01-12 35.93 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 22AVC0OAT 2022-04-01 40.22 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX X2T3PIBMT 2022-04-01 39.66 KB
MK6475GSX GT001M8 75GSX Z1EDS3S8S 2022-04-01 45.11 KB
MK7575GSX GT001M8 75GSX Z1LAFG54S 2022-04-01 57.27 KB
MK5075GSX GT001U8 75GSX 72VLC7JGT 2022-04-22 39.21 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M5 75GSX 71DND0YVB 2022-05-27 37.32 KB
MK3275GSX GT001M7 75GSX 91QHP86RT 2022-07-29 35.47 KB
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