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Western Digital / Scorpio
Model Firmware Family Serial Date Head Number Size Download A list of files
WD800UE-00HCT0 104SD Scorpio WXEY05011488 2018-07-11 1.13 MB
WD800UE-22HCT0 1011D Scorpio WXE206444075 2018-07-11 1.17 MB
WD800UE-22HCT0 104SD Scorpio WXEX05659145 2018-07-11 4.38 MB
WD800VE-07HDT0 1051D Scorpio WXE306092509 2018-07-11 4.23 MB
WD600VE-00HDT0 1051D Scorpio WXE706731747 2018-07-11 1.07 MB
WD600UE-22HCT0 unknown Scorpio WXE306746794 2018-07-12 1 MB
WD400UE-00HCT0 unknown Scorpio WXE205251000 2018-07-12 874.83 KB
WD800UE-22HCT0 unknown Scorpio WXE206071085 2018-07-12 3.25 MB
WD400UE-22HCT0 unknown Scorpio WXE905051027 2018-07-12 1.39 KB
WD400UE-00HCT0 unknown Scorpio WXE505243207 2018-07-12 2.6 MB
WD400UE-07HCT0 unknown Scorpio WXEY05328360 2018-07-12 2.01 MB
WD800UE-22HCT0 unknown Scorpio WXEZ05760351 2018-07-12 126.61 KB
WD800VE-75HDT1 unknown Scorpio WXE406791783 2018-07-12 3.07 MB
WD600UE-22HCT0 104QD Scorpio WXE905353239 2018-07-12 271.85 KB
WD800VE-00HDT0 1011D Scorpio WXE806251151 2018-07-12 2.21 MB
WD400VE-75HDT1 1051D Scorpio WXE306855490 2018-08-25 2/2 1.89 MB
WD600VE-00HDT0 1051D Scorpio WXE506483666 2018-08-25 3/3 1.09 MB
WD800UE-22HCT0 10.51D Scorpio WXEZ05477235 2018-08-25 4/4 3.36 MB
WD600VE-00HDT0 1051D Scorpio 2.5 inch WXE706731747 2020-07-09 3/3 1.07 MB
WD600VE-00HDT0 1051D Scorpio 2.5 inch WXE506483666 2020-07-09 3/3 1.75 KB
WD400VE-75HDT1 1051D Scorpio 2.5 inch WXE306855490 2020-07-09 2/2 1.89 MB
WD600VE-00HDT0 1051D Scorpio 2.5 inch WXE506483666 2020-07-09 3/3 3.91 MB
WD600VE-00HDT0 1051D Scorpio 2.5 inch WXE506483666 2020-07-09 3/3 1.09 MB
WD800VE-00HDT0 1011D Scorpio 2.5 inch WXE806251151 2020-07-09 4/4 2.21 MB
WD800VE-07HDT0 1051D Scorpio 2.5 inch WXE306092509 2020-07-09 4/4 4.23 MB
WD800VE-75HDT1 unknown Scorpio 2.5 inch WXE406791783 2020-07-09 N/A 3.07 MB
WD600VE-00HDT0 1051D Scorpio WXE506483666 2020-07-09 3/3 1.75 KB
WD600VE-00HDT0 1051D Scorpio WXE506483666 2020-07-09 3/3 3.91 MB
WD800UE-22HCT0 1051D Scorpio WXEZ05477235 2020-07-09 4/4 1.2 MB
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